Welcome (back) Credits: Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash

Welcome (back)

As some former readers may have noticed, “geeklabor.de” has been renamed to “thegeeklab.de”, welcome back nice to have you here again. If you are a first time visitor, a very warm welcome goes to you as well. This is my private blog, where I write about everything that comes to my mind but mainly about topics from the Linux and Open Source world.

For those of you who are interested in the backgrounds about the blog migration, here you go:

  • my old theme had to be reworked, hugo-geekblog was born
    • looks pretty much the same as before but with a more up to date technical implementation
    • works with recent Hugo versions
    • fully Open Source
  • “geeklabor.de” does only work in German language, “thegeeklab.de” is bit more international
  • the same applies to the entire blog, all content is only available in English for two simple reasons
    • English works for a lot more people
    • I am too lazy to provide posts in multiple languages
  • the blog is running on a Hetzner Cloud machine; CI driven and using Minio S3 backend

That is a short summary right now. While I am currently still working on some remaining migration tasks, there will be more fresh posts during the next weeks - stay tuned!